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Factors To Consider As You Look To Purchase Extruder Screen Packs

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An extruder is a molding machine that is able to take metal, rubber, plastic, and other types of materials and turn those into liquidized materials and shapes and hardens them into shapes such as metal sheets, plastic tubes, or rubber plates. As the extruder works, it forces these materials through what is known as an extruder screen pack, or extrusion filter pack, to filter the material, removing debris that may have entered the liquid, such as dust, dirt, or foreign materials, much like a water filter filters out minerals and dirt that shouldn't be there. If you are looking to purchase extruder screen packs, you likely already know that you need to pay attention to the shape and size of the filter. Here are a few of the other factors that you need to consider. 

The Number of Screens Present

One of the factors to consider as you look to purchase extruder screen packs it the number of screens that the pack has. For example, typically, extruder screen packs have three to six screens on one pack. This means that the material passes through three to six screens or filters. The more filters your screen has, the more impurities can be filtered out. However, passing through screens slows down manufacturing time, so you have to weigh the filtration needs to the production time. 

The Material the Screen Is Made From

Another important factor to consider is what materials the screens or filters are made from. Screens can be made from numerous materials, including metal wire, stainless steel wire, nickel alloy wire, brass wire, wire cloth, or plastic. Each type of material is able to withstand the heat from liquidized rubber, metal, or plastic better, and the material also affects the lifespan of the screen packs or filter packs. 

The Size of the Filter Openings

The final factor to consider as you look to purchase extruder screen packs is the size of the filter openings. The smaller the openings, the more items that the filter can catch. You want to ensure that the openings are small enough to capture impurities you are trying to capture, including dust and dirt. But, at the same time, you need to ensure the material that is going through the machine can pass through the filter openings in a timely manner as well. 

When you are looking to purchase extruder screen packs, you need to find the right screen pack or filter pack based on the type of machine you have, the materials that your extruder machinery is working, and the purity that the material needs to have based on for the items that are being manufactured. Looking at each of the above factors closely will help you to select the extruder screen packs or extrusion filter packs that are right for your extruder's needs. Look for a company like American Industrial Products LLC that sells extruder screen packs to see what's available near you.