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Where To Find The Fasteners You Need For Your Business

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Fasteners are everywhere we look, and there are so many different screws, bolts, and nuts used for so many things that it would be hard to find one place that sells all of them. When you need a specialty fastener or even a common on in large quantities, you may need to order them or even consider having them made for you.

Industrial Fastener Suppliers

Finding the right fastener for the job is often just about finding a supplier that has or can make your fastener. Stainless steel fastener suppliers may only deal with stainless steel but have fasteners of many different kinds. The supplier may be able to get fasteners made from other materials, but if their business is mostly stainless steel, they may not keep other types in stock. 

Depending on the application, stainless steel fasteners may be a good option for you. Still, if you are operating a business that uses hundreds of fasteners a day, you are not going to be able to buy a few boxes of bolts off the shelf at your local home center or hardware store. The stainless steel fastener supplier you are working with may be able to get large quantities of fasteners for you, but sometimes your business may need to work directly with the manufacturer to get the volume of fasteners that it needs.

Small Quantities and Lots of Choices

There are times when you need some fasteners for a small project, but what you need is very specific and hard to find. Working with a stainless steel fastener supplier or an industrial supply house to get the right fastener is the one option.

Some suppliers carry just about every fastener you can imagine but will sell them one piece at a time if that is what you need. These suppliers often put out catalogs with information, and many can be found on the internet with sites that you can search to find what you need and order it directly.

While these suppliers started as suppliers to businesses, they have expanded and sell products to anyone that needs them.

Custom Fasteners

If you can not find the right fastener or you have a design that is unique for your application, you may need to find a machine shop that can make fasteners for you. Sometimes getting a few fasteners made as prototypes is a good option, though those fasteners may be expensive if they are made from scratch.

Once you get the design worked out, you can take the final product to a large manufacturer and have them make them for you in larger quantities and at a lower cost.

For more information, contact a stainless steel fastener supplier.