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4 Wood Railing Alternatives To Makeover Your Deck With Modern Durable Materials That Last A Lifetime

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If you have an old deck with worn decking boards and railings that are falling off, you are going to need to renovate the structure. This can include replacing decking and structural improvements, as well as installing new railings. The new railings should be modern and durable materials. The following wood railing alternatives are some of the options you want to consider replacing old materials with new railings that will last a lifetime:

1. Glass Railing Designs That Can Be Installed with Metal Features and Mounting Systems

The renovations that you may be doing to your home and deck may have more contemporary design features. Therefore, you may be looking for a wood railing alternative that also has a modern design. Today, glass railings are an excellent choice to continue these contemporary features outside of your home. The glass can be a baluster system with brackets and frameless appearance, or it can be a glass system with metal top and bottom rails for attractive metal details.

2. Using Cast Iron Materials That Can Give Your New Deck Railings Attractive Accents and Details

Another option that you will want to consider for wood alternatives is a cast-iron railing system. These can be cast iron spires that are used in place of wood pickets, or it can be all metal with custom designs and decorations. There are also aluminum deck railing systems that can give your deck the appearance of cast iron with materials that are more affordable.

3. Composite Lumber Railing Systems That Can Be Used with Matching Synthetic Decking

Composite lumber is another option that you will want to consider for your railings. These materials are designed to be used with decking materials that are made of recycled plastics and forestry waste materials. Composite lumber railings come in many different designs and are an attractive alternative to real wood materials.

4. Affordable Aluminum Deck Railing Systems That Give Your Deck Renovations Attractive and Durable Accents

Aluminum railings are one of the most affordable and attractive materials to use for wood railing alternatives. These metal systems come in many different styles, which can resemble cast iron metalwork or look like conventional wood railings. Aluminum deck railing systems are affordable and will last a lifetime with regular care.

These are some of the wood railing alternatives that you will want to consider updating your deck with materials that will last a lifetime. If you are ready to add new railings to your deck renovations, contact an aluminum deck railing service to get the metal railings you need to complete your project.