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The Water Pump Troubleshooting Guide To Determine Why You Do Not Have Water Pressure

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If you have a water pump that is causing pressure loss, this can be due to many issues. Sometimes, the problem is due to pipes and connections, air getting in the system, or the turbine inside the pump being clogged with debris. It can also be problems with a worn motor, dirty parts, and other issues that may require professional help to repair. No matter what the problem with your water pump is, you will want to be able to troubleshoot the issue causing you to lose water pressure. The following water pump troubleshooting guide will help you determine why your pump is losing pressure.

Check The Pressure Control Switches, Tanks, And Pump Wiring For Problems Causing The System To Lose Pressure

One of the problems that can cause the pump to lose pressure is the control switch not working properly. If the controls use a pressure tank, this can often be due to the switch inside the tank being blocked or wearing out and needing to be replaced. Sometimes, it can be problems with electrical wiring, the circuitry of the control panel, or other types of pressure control switches that may need to be replaced by a pump repair service.

Open Bleeder Valves When The Pump Is Off To Check To See If Air Has Entered The Pump And Plumbing Pipes

The bleeder valve of many pump and plumbing systems is a valve that is opened to release air that gets into the system. Before opening the valve, you are going to want to make sure the pump has been turned off. Open the valve until clear water with no air bubbles comes out of it. Close the valve and turn the pump back on to see if this solves the pressure problem. If the pump takes in the air again, the problem is probably due to a bad connection or valve.

Replace Seals That Are Worn At Connections That Can Cause The Pump To Take In Air

When the water pump is taking in air, this can cause the system to lose pressure. To solve this problem, the seals of the pipes that go to the pump and on the pump will usually need to be replaced. Make sure that all the seals of your pump and plumbing are tightly sealed before turning the pump back on. You may need help with replacing seals on the pump if the pump is where the problem is causing air to get into the system.

Remove The Cover To The Pump To Check If Debris Is Blocking The Turbine And Causing Significant Pressure Loss

Lastly, you may need to remove the cover of your pump to check the turbine. Sometimes, debris can get caught up in the turbine, which reduces flow and the water pressure of the system. Once you have cleaned debris from the pump's turbine, try to see if it can be moved freely. If the turbine has frozen or the turbine has been damaged, you will want to call for professional help.

These are some of the things that you will want to check with your water pump if your system is losing pressure. If you need help with repairs, contact a water pump repair and maintenance service to fix your pump to get the water pressure you need.