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Choosing the Right Custom Truck Body for Your Needs

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When you are considering a new truck body for your work truck, there are some great options available, but having a custom aluminum truck body built for your truck could be the perfect solution. There are some benefits to going the custom body route that can make the purchase worthwhile.

1. Weight of the Body

If you are considering a new service body for your truck, a custom aluminum truck body can save you a lot of weight on the chassis. For contractors that carry a lot of tools on the truck, weight can be an issue that impacts your workflow, so saving some weight with a lighter body can be very appealing. 

Shaving some weight off the body means that you can carry more tools and equipment while not adding a lot of extra stress to the chassis and the truck's suspension. Since the custom aluminum truck service body is designed to fit the truck and the uses that the truck power needs, altering the design to trim off a little weight in one area or another is entirely possible and maybe a good idea, depending on how you will use the truck.

2. Corrosion Resistant

One thing that is a problem for vehicles in areas that have a lot of snow and use road salt, or coastal areas, it corrosion or rust. The salt can do a lot of damage to steel and other materials, but aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Building a custom aluminum truck body from aluminum may extend the life of the body and means not having to buy a new truck body as soon as if it was made from steel. To increase the corrosion resistance of the aluminum, you may want to have your custom aluminum truck body painted or powder coated to protect the metal from the elements. 

The paint will seal the body, and the salt will have to breakdown the paint before it can get to the metal. Since the aluminum is corrosion resistant, it will take a long time for there to be any damage to the body.

3. Durability and Strength

While many people feel steel is stronger than aluminum, that is not always the case. Because aluminum is lighter than steel, the panels can be thicker than their steel counterparts without adding too much weight to the truck. The thicker aluminum panels are stronger than the thin steel plate, so a custom aluminum truck body is often just as strong or stronger, and the heavy aluminum means it is less likely to dent or bend when it is in use. 

Learn more about your options by contacting custom aluminum truck service body suppliers.