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3 Safety Tips for Summer Propane Gas Use

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Summer is an incredibly popular time for road trips and cookouts. If you have opted out of using an electric grill this year and will be using a propane gas grill instead, then you will need to head to the local propane gas filling station for fuel. When grilling, propane gas is a cleaner source of fuel than charcoal, but it can be dangerous if it is not used properly. Keep reading to learn three safety tips for using propane gas this summer.

1. Inspect Your Grill Before Lighting Up

As with many things, winter can be pretty hard on plastic, rubber, and metal, particularly if your barbecue grill is left outside throughout the entire season. So, before you actually put your grill to use, you will want to perform a full inspection of all of the wiring, hoses, and seals for any signs of cracks or other damage. You should also open up the propane gas valve in a quiet location and listen for a hissing sound, which would indicate a potential leak. If there are any concerns at all, you should consult with a propane gas technician about performing maintenance and possible repairs before using the grill.

2. Transport the Propane Tank Carefully

Once your grill is ready to go, you will need to get your propane tank refilled (or pick up a new one). As you are transporting a propane gas tank, it is imperative that the tank remains upright, regardless of whether the tank is empty or full. In addition, the tank should be placed as far away from the cabin of the vehicle as possible. You should avoid making any stops with the tank. If a grocery run needs to be made, drop the tank off at the house first. If you ever smell rotten eggs, immediately pull your vehicle over, remove the tank from the vehicle, and ensure that the valve is turned off and the tank has been capped.

3. Close the Valve Once Finished

Once you are finished grilling, make certain that you have closed the tank's shut-off valve. In doing so, you are preventing any of the gas from escaping. This will help minimize the risk of an unintentional ignition or explosion. While it may be tempting to leave the valve open, particularly if you grill often, leaving it on can cause major issues.

When you are in need of propane gas, tank maintenance, or tank repair, contact a propane gas service near you.