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Your Facility Needs Extra Cleaning, And No, It's Not The Usual Stuff

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The janitorial teams that clean your facility do a great job, but your factory or industrial space may need some extra cleaning that doesn't include the regular stuff. If you neglect these spaces, your facility could, as a whole, look a lot worse and worn out. That can affect everything from current staff morale to the ability to get new hires to sign on. These cleaning issues aren't dangerous, but they are items that people often don't think about when they think of making the facility look nice.

Ceiling Tile Refreshing and Cleaning

Ceiling tiles can become dingy with dust from HVAC vents or stains from leaks that have been long fixed. A ceiling that doesn't look clean makes people think that your facility isn't well cared for and that you have neglected it and possibly other parts of your business. Imagine being someone on a job interview and walking into a conference room where the ceiling tiles were spotted brown and had cobweb bits hanging down. You would question what that company was doing in terms of keeping everything working well. Cleaning off the ceiling tiles and refreshing them so that they aren't stained takes specialty cleaning tools.

Upholstery Cleaning and Deodorization

Your regular janitorial team can vacuum upholstery if needed, but a couple of issues usually prevent the team from including upholstery in their normal rounds. One is that there can be so much upholstery — in the main lobby, in office kitchens, in lounges, and so on — that the janitorial team can't do it all without arranging a special time for it. The other is that cleaning upholstery includes more than just vacuuming. If the upholstery also needs to be deodorized, that, too, takes time. You have to arrange for cleaning crews to show up and handle just deodorization.

Wall Washing

Walls don't get enough attention. That's especially true for interior walls. These walls need to be dusted and washed occasionally to maintain a thoroughly clean look and get rid of dust that could have settled on the walls after being blown around by the HVAC system. As with the upholstery deodorization, this is a task that needs a dedicated team; while your regular janitorial crew takes care of vacuuming, trash removal, and the usual stuff, a specialty cleaning team can take care of the walls.

These tasks don't have to be done often, so they can be easy to forget. Evaluate where in your facility you need to have these and other specialty cleanings done and make a yearly or semi-yearly schedule.

For additional information, reach out to a local specialty cleaning service.