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Why Your Business Needs Rubber Quad Rings For Your Equipment

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When it comes to the seals used in industrial environments, quality, and proper application are essential to protecting your machines from leaks and other damage. One of the things you may have discovered is that there are different types of rubber rings used in various applications. Consider investing in an ample supply of is rubber quad rings. Here's a look at some of the reasons why your business needs a varied, well-stocked rubber quad ring supply for your machines.

No Seam Lines To Interfere With The Seal

When you look at o-rings, which are a common alternative to quad rings, you'll see that there's residual rubber from the seam of the mold on most of the o-rings. The way that these rings are formed leaves that excess rubber seam on the portion of the o-ring that helps form the seal, which means that it can interfere with the formation of the seal that you need.

With quad rings, though, that seam that's unavoidable is actually positioned inside of the indent on the ring. That means it's out of the way of the surface that provides the seal, eliminating any risk of interfering with the machine's operation or the proper seal of the ring.

Greater Stability In The Machine

One of the challenges with o-rings is their rounded shape. Because of their shape, they are prone to rolling, shifting, and twisting in some cases. This can result in a poor seal which may interfere with system pressure, cause leaks, and lead to other problems with your equipment operation.

If you use quad rings instead, you'll find that the rings are far more stable when you put them in place. That's because quad rings are manufactured with flat sealing sides, not rounded ones. They will sit securely where you place them with no risk of rolling or shifting.

Retains Lubricant To Reduce Drying Issues

One of the leading causes of o-ring leaks is drying and cracking. If the machine hasn't run in a little while, traditional o-rings will lose the lubrication that typically flows past them. This allows those o-rings to dry out. In fact, they will dry out much faster than quad rings because o-rings have no way to retain any lubricant if the system isn't running.

Quad rings can retain some lubricant, though. These rings are designed with recessed areas between the top and bottom of the seal, which forms a space where lubricant can accumulate. This protects the rings from drying and cracking, which leads to leaks and eventually complete seal failure.

These are some of the reasons why your company should consider investing in rubber quad rings for your sealing needs.