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3 Benefits Of Adding Overlay Clads To Your Parts

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If you produce metal parts with special usage needs, then you should consider adding an overlay clad weld to your metals. Here, a specialist welding company bonds a different metal onto your parts before or after your manufacturing process.

What are the benefits of using overlay clads?

1. Enhance the Properties of Your Parts

Sometimes, you have to create parts that have customized properties. For example, if your customers will use your parts in situations or environments in which they might be exposed to corrosive materials, moisture, wear, and heat, then the metals you use have to have some extra damage resistance.

However, you can't always use a metal that has the resistance levels you need or that has multiple protective properties. You can make robust parts; however, they might not last long enough to keep your customers happy. Unhappy customers might not buy your parts again in the future.

Welding overlays can solve this problem. You can bond a different metal to your base manufacturing metal.

So, for example, you can add a bonded layer of a metal that won't corrode or rust. You can add a stronger metal to a weaker core to improve wear and heat resistance. This bonded metal becomes part of your product; it adds protective characteristics and extends the part's service life.

2. Create Better Cosmetic Finishes

If some of your parts need a smooth cosmetic finish, then you might need to add some processes to your manufacturing line. You might need to smooth out bumps, scratches, or surface damage to get your parts looking good.

Overlay clads could be a quicker and more cost-effective way to finish off your products, You won't need to buy machines to do this job. An overlay clad will give you a perfect finish.

3. Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs

If you work in a competitive market, then cost will be a driver for your customers. You need to find ways to cut your costs to improve sales without negatively affecting the quality of your parts.

You can use overlay clads to improve your cost efficiency. For example, you might currently have higher costs than you would like because you have to buy expensive metals to create the surface characteristics your parts need.

If you switch to using overlay cladding, then you can cut your core costs by buying cheaper and more basic metals. You then strengthen your parts by adding a thin overlay weld to them. Your parts then combine cost-effectiveness with high-quality results. You should save some money and make your products more competitive.

To get started, contact a company that offers custom clad metal.